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TW rape, sexual abuse

#oh christ #jackson looks so scared #and derek isn’t intimidating in the same way chris argent is #and it probably hasn’t even crossed his mind that this could have sexual connotations #the way he tries to scare jackson#but it so so does #and it just makes me wonder #why is it that jackson assumes that is what an older male will want with him #teenage boys aren’t socialized to be intimidated of sexual assault in the same way teenage girls are #so what the fuck happened to jackson

um yes?

I mean, we saw the way he was when Derek first attacked him, and the scene where he’s leaning over the car while Chris Argent is fucking pulling at his clothes. And then again in the locker room with Derek and here and there’s always allusions to sexual assault when we see Jackson with older guys. It does kind of make you wonder whether something happened to Jackson.

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teen wolves and their tropes ► jackson whittemore.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

See how Jackson puts his arms up, nods his head slightly, and closes his eyes? He understands what Derek has to do to stop him. He knew he had to die to protect Lydia and the others. He just knew. In a way, it shows the side of Jackson no one but Lydia (and probably Danny) knows. It shows him being selfless for once. Not a cold-hearted douchebag like usual. Later, when he awakens and hugs Lydia you can see the shock in his eyes at being alive. He didn’t go into this knowing he’d live, he went into this thinking he’d die. Little things like this just keep showing me why I love Jackson and why he’s much more than a pretty face.

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i want jackson to start his kanima transformation and i want lydia to grab him in the middle of it and i want him to stop turning and i want him to say “don’t let go”

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AfterElton: Shifting to Jackson, is he conscious of what he’s doing at this point? He seems to come in and out of it, but I’m just curious if he’s aware?

Jeff Davis: Only at certain moments like Peter says to Derek that Jackson’s humanity is slowly disappearing underneath the reptilian skin. It is almost like there is a struggle going on inside for his humanity. It is something that comes out of comic book mythology as well, like Bruce Banner constantly trying to retain his intellect and his humanity against becoming the Hulk. It is those kinds of character paragons that I enjoy. I think it is him fighting the monster inside. He is aware sometimes but there is a point [in episode 11] where he tells Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), ‘If you see me on the field, stay away.’ He does know. (x)

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Jackson by ~Sudjino
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