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the best

It totally is prehensile though so good job Jackson

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AfterElton: Shifting to Jackson, is he conscious of what he’s doing at this point? He seems to come in and out of it, but I’m just curious if he’s aware?

Jeff Davis: Only at certain moments like Peter says to Derek that Jackson’s humanity is slowly disappearing underneath the reptilian skin. It is almost like there is a struggle going on inside for his humanity. It is something that comes out of comic book mythology as well, like Bruce Banner constantly trying to retain his intellect and his humanity against becoming the Hulk. It is those kinds of character paragons that I enjoy. I think it is him fighting the monster inside. He is aware sometimes but there is a point [in episode 11] where he tells Danny (Keahu Kahuanui), ‘If you see me on the field, stay away.’ He does know. (x)

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favorite jackson/danny moments in no particular order
2x04 — “abomination.”

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Where the wolf seeks a pack, the kanima seeks a friend… maybe it’s lonely.

He has nobody…

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