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I’m thinking about Stiles and his son wearing matching outfits; jeans and graphic tees on casual days, bow ties and suspenders when they’re dressed to impress, flip flops and sunglasses at the beach, and superhero costumes on the weekend to run around the park in

i’m gonna puke

just picture them at the beach with sunblock smeared on their pale faces. And Stiles catches sight of Derek in a pair of swim trunks throwing a frisbee to his dog and he slips his aviators down the bridge of his nose a bit to check him out.

And his kid looks over at his dad, no idea what he’s doing, but he copies him, and Derek looks over in time to see the two of them staring at him, and Stiles probably flushes and pretends he wasn’t looking and his kid just smiles real big and waves.

And Derek laughs and waves back. 


Stiles and Derek’s first date and Thomas, his name’s Thomas  mmkay misunderstands, so he traipses downstairs a little before stiles is set to leave. And he’s got his best jeans on, and a button up shirt and his clip on tie and his suspenders on backwards and tells his dad

"I’m ready for our date."

And is DEVASTATED when he finds out he’s not going. And when Stiles tells Derek this Derek looks sad and says if he’d have known he’d have planned something earlier, so Thomas could come too. 

And Stiles is like IN LOVE. HARDCORE. 

That means they have to bring Thomas though, so Derek takes them both out for ice cream and when they come back home Derek gives Stiles a kiss on the cheek before kneeling down to do the same to Thomas.

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like father, like son, right?

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fml [x]

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….oh my god are they wearing matching outfits tho

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